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4 Signs You’re Better Off Selling Your Home for Cash

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The consequences of making a mistake when selling your house can have a big impact on your finances. You might miss a market upswing if you jump the gun out of fear when the market’s down. Or you could end up with a foreclosure if you hang on for too long when you’re in financial trouble. There were 143,105 U.S. properties with foreclosure filings alone in the past quarter.

If you’re worried about going into foreclosure, but your house isn’t in the best shape to be sold on the market as-is, it might be in your best interest to sell your home for cash instead. Not sure which is the right choice for you? Here are four signs you’re better off selling your house for cash rather than putting it on the market.

The idea of renovating fills you with dread

The biggest sign that it’s worth selling your home for cash is if your home needs a serious makeover, but that makeover isn’t in your wheelhouse. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to sell your house as-is when it isn’t market-ready. Ugly kitchens and damaged roofs can be a major red flag for home buyers. To make matters worse, the longer your home stays on the market, the bigger those red flags become. No home buyer wants to buy a house that other buyers have repeatedly said no to.

Fortunately, home investors like Philly Home Investor buy houses for cash no matter what shape they’re in. That means you don’t have to sweat that 1960s wallpaper or ancient kitchen cabinetry. You can free from your house and the responsibility of potentially renovating it.

You can’t find interested buyers

Sometimes you can be unlucky when selling your house even when you’re in a buyer’s market. For instance, before the COVID-19 crisis, move-in single-family houses were being snatched right off the market. But now, even with high demand, many potential buyers aren’t willing to make any kind of investment right now.

If you need to get your house off your hands and no buyers seem to be interested, it may be in your best interest to sell your house to a home investor. With home investors like Philly Home Investor, you can rest assured you’ll get the money for your house that you need without waiting to find a buyer.

You need to get out of your house ASAP

It can take months or even over a year to sell your house, especially if it’s not in the best shape. This can be a big problem if you need to get out of your house as soon as possible. Whether you’re experiencing financial problems and can’t pay for your mortgage or you’re taking on a new job in a different city and need to move immediately, the reality of needing to sell your house can throw a serious hitch in your plans. The home investors of Philly Home Investor can help to take your house off your hands quickly and efficiently so you can move on with your life.

You can’t afford the additional selling costs

Selling your house can be an expensive process. Even if you try to DIY the sale, only 11% of sellers ever actually manage to sell their properties as FSBO (for sale by owner). Closing costs, marketing costs, renovations, and realtor commissions can add up, which can be stressful when you know you already have to pay off the rest of your mortgage.

When you sell your home for cash, you don’t need to worry about paying for those additional fees. The home investors of Philly Home Investor will take your house off your hands as-is for cash, so you can rest assured you’re getting the money you need from your home sale rather than losing it to hidden fees involved in the selling process.

Looking for professional home investors?

The process to sell your house can be time-consuming and expensive. This can be especially frustrating when you just want to get a house off your hands. That’s where home investors come in. Professional home investors buy ugly houses for cash so you can have peace of mind. Ready to sell your house? Contact the professional house buyers of Philly Home Investor today.

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