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4 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Without an Agent

The process of selling your house can feel challenging and bothersome because of the many things involved. Like most people, you also may be thinking about selling your house through a real estate agent but might feel burdened when you will have to pay a hefty commission to the estate agent. 

Although, there are many things that a real estate agent would help you with right from the start to the end of the procedure. These things involve fulfilling a legal transaction, marketing your house and presenting it in the best manner, finding a qualified buyer for the property, and cracking the best financial deal and profit for you. 

However, it isn’t always a successful deal with real estate agents, and there are better options for you to sell your house, such as selling it to a professional home buyer. Professional home buyers not only buy your house at its actual price without any commission but also help you make a better deal in many other ways. Here are the four essential tips that will effectively help you sell your house without an agent regardless of which city and state you live in: 

Accurate Pricing

Home sellers’ most common issue regarding not having a real estate agent is not being able to price their property accurately. The majority of people, when selling their house, attach their sentimental value to the property, making the price higher. This is not appreciated by buyers in the market, as today’s technological advancements have made everything accessible. So your property’s actual price can easily be accessed with complete data and details. 

If the price you ask for doesn’t match the actual numbers, chances are that your property’s advertisement will stay on the internet for too long and then fade away due to more recent advertisements. On the other hand, a professional buyer from (company) will compare your property’s price with those in the nearby localities, asses about any additional or deductible value, and provide a justified true picture of the accurate pricing. 

This is why when you sell your property to a professional buyer from Philly Home Investor, you will understand your property’s actual market value with all the pros and cons added and will see the difference between selling the house to an agent and selling it to a professional buyer. 

In such a deal like this, you get all the details related to your property’s pricing, so you know the benefits and the difference. Selling your house to a professional buyer at Philly Home Investor will cut down any additional costs such as commission, closing value, and any other hidden fees. Our professional buyers at will help you make a better deal with an agent or a professional buyer, whatever is best in your interest. Unlike real estate agents who only can provide 1 option, we offer several which is why so many people choose to work with us.

“…these guys made it so easy and quick that it was worth it…”

“Both David and Joe are pretty much superheroes in my book! First off, I contacted them online and I would say in about 30mins or less Joe was already calling. The house belongs to my mother and the both of us live out of state so our goal was to sell the house quickly without doing much work and hassle. Not only did they make that happen, but they made us a really fair offer without even seeing the house over the phone. We know the house was it a hot area of town and we could have got a little bit more for it if we waited or tried to sell it with a realtor but these guys made it so easy and quick that it was worth it. From start to finish less than 23 days.”

– Regina, South Philadephia/Point Breeze

Correct Marketing 

Marketing is the most critical aspect of landing yourself a great deal when selling your house without an agent. However, you can easily lack this aspect without having professional ace photographs, high-quality imagery, and drone videos of your house that an agent can quickly produce. 

However, to follow their steps, you can use neutral colors to enhance the beauty of your property while capturing it for marketing, freeing your house of large furniture and over-loaded accessories and belongings to give it a clean look. 

You will also have to inform about all the repairs needed on the property to get the actual amount of the deal. Or otherwise, the price can get negotiable afterward. While thinking about all these steps, the best thing still can be to sell your house to a professional buyer where you do not have to do superficial marketing, repairs, or hefty preparations. The reason is that professional buyers like those in Philly Home Investor will buy your home, just as it. 

“We can typically close in 30 days or less but we always leave it up to the client to pick the best close date and we work around them.”

Effective Holding

After you have fully prepared your house to sell with an agent, it is time to hold the property in a stable and proper condition. Even if you list your property with an agent in the market, you will still have to perform effective holding of the property, as you never know when, how, and even if you will be able to crack a deal or not. 

As days pass, the expenses on your house will also increase, such as bills, utilities, and other issues requiring more finances and expenses. Adding to these troubles are the constant visits by buyers and the pressure to keep your property clean and intact. All this can make you feel tired to your bones and make you feel overwhelmed and burdened with the procedure getting lengthier and lengthier with each day. 

Listing your house for sale in the market can be troublesome due to the many procedures involved, such as legal paperwork, negotiations, and closing. Think about selling your house to a professional buyer at Philly Home Investor, where you will not have to worry about any such thing and have an exact fixed closing date. This assurance will help you pack your stuff in time because Philly Home Investor closes a deal as early as 14 days, or you can ask for more days, depending on what’s best suitable for you. 

Efficient Company

Considering all the pain and work of selling your house with the help of an agent, it is a far better option to sell it to a professional buyer at Philly Home Investor, as this will not only save your time, energy, and extra expenses but will also crack the best deal. 

Additionally, the procedure will be transparent from start to end if you deal with Philly Home Investor as we want to have a lasting impact on our services even long after we close a deal. It is genuinely only the services of a company and business that leave a lasting impact on a customer. Being your neighbors, we genuinely care for our community, you, and our neighbors. Call Philly Home Investor at 215-422-3288.  

Check out our Google Reviews, you will see all 5 Star Reviews from real local people. We pride ourselves and creating win-win solutions for EVERYONE. If your thinking about selling your house in PA, NJ, DE, or FL let us make you a fair all-CASH offer today, you literally have nothing to lose!

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