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Costs to Expect With an FSBO Listing in Philadelphia

Costs to Expect With an FSBO Listing in Philadelphia

Selling your house on your own can save you in real estate commissions, but then again maybe not. Remember that when advertising and marketing, as well as other things, are included, the savings come at a high price for most sellers – so if it’s worth all of this hassle to get rid of those pesky agents we’ll talk about how much work is involved with an FSBO listing in Philadelphia. 

Screening Calls

The amount of time you can expect to spend on marketing your house has a direct correlation with the success rate. For every hour, consider one potential buyer finding their dream home and writing an offer for it. That means that if there are 24 hours in a day (and who knows what other dimensions) when working as an agent-free broker, and each call takes 15 minutes; then someone will have to deal with 12 phone calls per day!

From excited buyers agents calling at the most inopportune of times to unwanted spam and phishing attempts on your phone from your marketing agency or real estate company…

Emotional Attachment

For those of you who are brave enough to go on your own with an FSBO listing in Philadelphia, there’s a chance that this means dealing with the public. While it can be daunting for some people, having an agent is beneficial because they’ll shield their clients from questions like: “How much do you pay into Social Security?” or “What was your previous address?” It’s second nature for agents to fend off such intrusive and personal questioning professionally-with finesse!

This passage describes how being able to deal confidently as well as creatively when facing potential buyers’ harsh words may have benefits if done through professional representation instead.


One of the top reasons sellers delay putting their home on the market is their dread of strangers exploring every nook and cranny. Whether you’ve opted for an FSBO listing in Philadelphia or have a realtor, it can be tough to avoid occasional inconveniences like last-minute buyers wanting a walk-through – let alone more serious issues like rescheduling your whole life around potential buyers’ schedules!

One reason homeowners put off selling is that they’re wary about anyone else visiting them at home. One way people get past this fear nowadays–whether you opt for an FSBOM listing here in town (like I did) or not–is by having homes photographed online so that there are virtual tours available too!


A major cause of failure when listing FSBO property is poor marketing. It can be difficult to compete with professional real estate agents in today’s cutthroat market, but there are some strategies you should employ from the start that will make your home more attractive and sell for a higher price. One way an agent would help reduce days on the market by hiring professionals like photographers or videographers so their work speaks volumes about the condition of your hometown house before buyers ever get inside it- even if they just skim through photos online while scrolling past hundreds of others listings at once! Beyond minor touchups or redecorating projects, top-performing agents know how important staging is as well. From furniture arrangements to décor accents, these little touches will help make it stand out.

Bargaining Table

During an FSBO house sale, you must keep your cool when the buyer makes low-ball offers. It can be difficult not to get frustrated with potential buyers during these negotiations and many sellers find it hard to handle all the work involved in selling their home by themselves because they are so attached. If there is any specific reason that needs more work done such as renovations or repairs then this will make negotiating easier for both parties but if not, then don’t bother lowering your price too much just yet!


FSBO listings are great for saving money in the short term, but if you’re not careful they can leave a hole in your pocket. Inspections sound like an annoyance to some, but they also help provide peace of mind by ensuring that all disclosures were made before closing and protecting sellers from legal action should anything be missed during the inspection process. However, this protection comes at more of a price than most people think – often buyers will need everything done prior to close or risk losing their financing entirely which would mean either paying out of pocket or asking potential buyers for one heckuva discount on repairs!

FSBOs may seem like such appealing deals upfront because there is no real estate agent commission fee tacked onto them; however, that can change FAST!


The earnest money is the first step in any real estate transaction. Usually handled by an agent, it’s held until closing and when you accept a buyer’s offer they have to put down between 1-3% as proof that this deal will go through. You’ll need a title company or attorney on hand for FSBO listings in Philadelphia.


Most sellers work with a professional, preferring not to carry the load of all of the FSBO listing responsibilities in the Philadelphia real estate market. Along with online and local marketing for the house, this job entails complicated paperwork that falls within strict timelines and requires a considerable time commitment. Errors on this paperwork can delay or even derail your deal.

Skip Listing Altogether

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