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How to Make Money as an Investor in Philadelphia During Ups and Downswings

How to Make Money During Upcycles and Downcycles as an Investor in Philadelphia

The four market phases—recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, and recession—are known to industry experts. Your likelihood of making money ultimately depends on your awareness of the indicators that an up or down-cycle in real estate is about to commence. External factors have a significant impact in addition to the status of the real estate market, the supply of available property, and interest rates. As purchasers refocused on more home-based lifestyles and less crowded accommodation options when traveling, for instance, the pandemic had an impact on market cycles and real estate patterns. As a result, astute investors began to provide short-term housing on websites like Airbnb.

You must treat real estate investing as a business and recognize that research is a big part of the work. In spite of the current real estate cycle, timing is crucial for investors to keep a healthy portfolio, therefore you must become familiar with the signals that let you know when to act. To succeed over the long run as a real estate investor in Philadelphia, you must be diligent and tweak your plan as you keep an eye on these signs. You can make money by navigating the inevitable real estate market shifts with a good understanding of the cycles. Read on as we examine how to succeed as an investor in Philadelphia during both up and down markets.


When the economy is expanding, there is a greater demand for homes than there are available homes, which benefits the construction sector. As a result of the difficulty in finding space, rental rates rise during this time. Investors in Philadelphia concentrate on building or renovating properties to sell for more money than the market value in order to profit during this cycle. Working with experienced investors like Philly Home Investor to maximize the profits on your assets is the simplest way for investors in Philadelphia to profit through both up and down markets.

Hyper Supply

Eventually, the expansion efforts will fail and supply will surpass demand or a change in the economy will induce a decline in housing demand. As an investor in Philadelphia, you can profit from this cycle by buying and holding now, while others may act out of panic and sell their holdings. In order to capture future equity in investment properties, you must choose properties that will perform well in the long run. Professional investors, such as those at Philly Home Investor, have developed relationships over the years with the most well-known experts in the field to promptly evaluate possible investment homes and handle everything from the appraisal to full rehabs.


The housing market enters a period of recession when supply vastly surpasses demand, and vacancies gradually increase. As a result, landlords could provide discounted rent in an effort to draw tenants. Because the real estate market cycles, Investors in Philadelphia should save money for recessionary times so they may benefit from steep discounts on a lot of properties in order to profit throughout this cycle. Experienced investors are aware of the potential rewards in keeping onto their properties as real estate cycles continue and profiting from the following phase, recovery.


An upswing in the economy doesn’t always announce itself with blaring trumpets, so investors must keep a close eye on the many factors that influence real estate cycles. The signs investors that denote the beginning of a recovery phase are an uptick in employment numbers along with a more positive overall public sentiment about the economy and an increase in consumer spending. The business community should match this overall outlook in their view of the economy and expansion, an uptick in employment numbers. In addition, banks are more willing to lend at this time, and national shipping activity increased by rising consumer spending. Therefore, to make money during the recovery cycle as an investor in Philadelphia, you should be paying close attention and be ready to purchase properties at discounts and hold to sell or rent during the next phase, expansion. Investing with professional investors like those at Philly Home Investor makes real estate investing easy. 

Professional investors like those at Philly Home Investor are expert local investors in Philadelphia real estate who have ridden the up and down market cycles. Let the expert investors at Philly Home Investor help you make money during up and down cycles as an investor in Philadelphia. At Philly Home Investor, our focus is on your success, so we stop and carefully listen because we understand the importance of keeping clear lines of communication. Working with the professional investors at Philly Home Investor means you’ll benefit from their full-service in-house team of industry specialists, from attorneys to closing specialists. Working with professional investors at Philly Home Investor, from locating excellent investment opportunities to partial or full-service property management,  means you can rest easy knowing your holdings are in good hands. Call Philly Home Investor at (215) 422-3288.

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