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Working With Pro Home Buyer in Philadelphia – Things You Can Expect

Contrary to popular belief, not every house is the ideal fit for a traditional listing. People go through numerous online listing options as they search for homes where they can move in immediately. If a home is not in ready-to-move condition, it may not get enough offers. What’s worse, the few offers that will come … Continued

What Commercial Real Estate Investors Should Know About 1031 Exchange

1031 exchanges are named after the IRS code’s section 1031. This term is often used by title companies, realtors, investors, and many others. In some cases, people use the term “1031 exchange” as a verb rather than a noun. Other words that people use for a 1031 exchange include starker and like-kind exchange. Here are … Continued

Are Zillow Zestimates actually accurate?

Some of the home value estimates you see when searching for houses online can influence your decision. However, most websites can provide inaccurate information. Home buyers who are looking for a quick glimpse of accuracy can use Zillow for this purpose. Zillow calculated home values in the past based on quantitative data such as the … Continued

How to Sell My Family’s House without the Hassle

An inherited property can be overwhelming when it comes to settling the estate of a deceased relative. Probate courts typically take months to process a home. Multiple heirs only complicate matters (especially if they do not agree to sell). Selling the property for cash is a complex process that can be confusing as taxes and … Continued

Best Books on Commercial Real Estate

Many people think about investing in commercial real estate. Besides helping you establish your name in the real estate industry, commercial real estate investing can also help you gain financial freedom. That said, excelling in this industry requires a great deal of dedication and you need to spend a massive chunk of time educating yourself … Continued

Pros and Cons of Buying Section 8 Real Estate Properties

If you invest in rental properties or are planning to become a rental property investor, you most likely have a few questions regarding Section 8. Well, we will cover all the benefits and disadvantages of Section 8 to make sure you can make a well-informed decision on whether it should be in your rental property … Continued

The Most Effective Tips to Sell Your Self-Storage Facility

The past 4 or 5 decades have seen the self-storage industry expand quite rapidly, especially in the United States. If you have a self-storage facility and are thinking about cashing out, but don’t know how to do so, there is no need to worry, as this piece mentions tried and tested tips to sell a … Continued

How to sell Commercial Real Estate

It is possible to make a fortune by selling commercial real estate. There are a lot of surprises to get used to when switching from commercial to residential real estate sales, regardless of how experienced you are in residential real estate. When you prepare for those surprises, you have a greater chance of making it … Continued

Squatters’ rights in PA

It is not uncommon for squatters in Pennsylvania to have rights, and the U.S. does not restrict them. There are specific guidelines that squatters must meet to own their property legally in Pennsylvania. What’s scary is that depending on where you live these squatters actually have more rights than the owners of the properties. Crazy right? … Continued