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How Landlords Can Save Money Making Repairs In Philadelphia

In order to bring more long term value to the rental property–especially if you’d like to sell in the near future–it’s often recommended a landlord should keep up with regular maintenance any ultimately make the necessary repairs. You can find ways to save money making repairs in order to always keep your property in tip-top … Continued

5 Benefits of Selling Your House Via Rent to Own in Philadelphia

For homeowners in Philadelphia who are considering selling but are open to renting out their property for a few more years, the rent-to-own option offers unique advantages worth exploring. There is a large buyer pool waiting for these opportunities, seeking to attain the lifestyle that homeownership affords before they’re ready for a mortgage. For some … Continued

How to Handle Tenant-Caused Damage to Your Philadelphia Rental Property

The real estate investment business has a lot of complexities to navigate. While your investment property might look perfect on paper, managing tenant relationships is far more nuanced than handling numbers. It’s essential not to overlook any steps in the tenant screening process, particularly when it comes to verifying references and reaching out to previous … Continued

5 Ways to Deal With Bad Tenants in Philadelphia

As a landlord in Philadelphia, encountering challenges and frustrations is an inevitable aspect of the role, with dealing with problematic tenants topping the list. While eviction is a viable solution for severe cases, it is a laborious and costly process. Hence, exploring alternative ways to address tenant issues is advisable. Here are 5 effective strategies … Continued

The Strategic Approach to Maximizing Your Real Estate Leads

In the real estate industry, lead generation is an ongoing activity. When a transaction is finished, it could take a while before you get paid for your commission. Sometimes, after working with you for a few weeks or even months, some new clients will decide not to buy or sell. Because of this, realtors should … Continued

The Insider’s Guide: Why Multi-Family Landlords Should Sell Their Properties Off-Market Instead of Listing with a Broker

Introduction: In the world of real estate, multi-family properties represent a significant investment opportunity. However, when it comes time to sell, landlords are often faced with the decision of whether to list their properties with a broker or explore off-market options. While listing with a broker may seem like the traditional route, there are compelling … Continued