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The Pros and Cons of Selling Your House Directly in Philadelphia

It’s not always a good idea to put your house up for sale, especially if it doesn’t fit the standards of the conventional real estate market. Unfortunately, if you have done any research, you have undoubtedly discovered that listing on your own won’t save you any time or money because it rarely goes as planned. The average success rate for FSBO listings is just about 11%, and they typically sell for roughly 26% less than listings that are listed through an agent.

Many sellers don’t completely comprehend the alternative of selling straight to hybrid real estate brokers that also operate as professional investors. With highly skilled real estate brokers who are also local investors, hybrid real estate brokerages integrate two important real estate sectors into one. It is a one-stop shop that offers sellers the advantages of their sole objective, assisting sellers like you in truly evaluating their options, examining the data, and coming to an informed conclusion regarding the most beneficial selling strategy in light of their specific circumstances.

Read on as we explore the information we’ve compiled to help you consider the pros and cons of selling your house directly in Philadelphia 


Let’s first examine the advantages and disadvantages of selling your home directly in Philadelphia and how this impacts your profits. Although you won’t make more money than if you had listed your home on the market, you will avoid paying the commissions and other expenses associated with working with a real estate agent. The sellers’ primary goal is to maximize their profit, period. They aim to get a reasonable price for the current market, regardless of the strategy they choose. There won’t be any hidden expenses in the contract when you sell your home straight to a hybrid investor real estate agent in their capacity as a professional investor; in fact, you won’t even be responsible for the closing costs.

The local hybrid investor real estate agents like those at Philly Home Investor will compare the amount you could earn by listing vs. their offer to buy your home directly. You will have the line-by-line accounting of how we reached the offer to ensure the offer is fair. We do this at Philly Home Investor because we want you to feel good about the deal long after you have left the closing table.


If you can relax and wait out the listing period without worries, a hybrid investor real estate agent like those from Philly Home Investor will act as a traditional agent. With Philly Home Investor, you will benefit from our vast network of industry connections working on your behalf to help you sell quickly. However, if your extenuating circumstances have made time of the essence, you will want to consider the pros and cons of selling your house directly in Philadelphia.

The hours, days, weeks, and months that pass during a listing time can be agonizing for sellers who have an urgent need to sell a property. Time constraints will be eliminated when you sell your home straight to your hybrid investor real estate agent at Philly Home Investor acting as a professional investor. You will receive a confirmed closing date, usually within days. Or, at Philly Home Investor, we’re adaptable enough to fit in with your schedule. Just get in touch with us to discuss setting up a closing delay.


Assume you have a brand-new or recently built home and are ready for prime time. Then, your hybrid investor real estate agent will operate like a regular agent and advertise your house using the most cutting-edge marketing strategy to attract serious purchasers. You might not be able to or choose not to invest the money, time, and effort necessary to prepare the property for sale and make any necessary repairs. If your property isn’t quite ready for a global premiere on listing websites, selling it directly to a hybrid investor real estate agent in Philadelphia like Philly Home Investor is the best option. They will pay cash for your house and act as a professional investor.

Selling your home is an important decision. The pros at Philly Home Investor are highly seasoned experts who are proud to serve their community through their work, improving Philadelphia one home, one neighborhood, and one neighbor at a time. If you are considering selling your house directly in Philadelphia, talk to one of our hybrid investor real estate agents without any obligation and find out how we can help you. At Philly Home Investor, our hybrid real estate agents stop and take the time to listen. You can rest assured we have your best interest at heart. When you work with our hybrid real estate agents at Philly Home Investor, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of each process against your personal and financial wants and needs, and you will benefit from our full-service in-house team that makes the process quick, smooth, and easy. Call Philly Home Investor at (215) 422-3288.

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