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Choosing the Right Option When Selling Your House in Levittown

Choosing the Right Option When Selling Your House in Levittown

Let’s be honest it’s 2021 there’s pretty much an App for everything at this point. And guess what? real estate isn’t much different. There might not be an App just yet, but there are companies both local and nationwide that will buy your house. You don’t have to list your property the old fashion way, especially if your property needs a lot of work or repairs.

The competition to attract buyers to listings has never been more fierce, and local home buying companies have arisen as a natural progression of the real estate industry. Working with an agent or selling to a direct buyer offers benefits for home sellers, depending on your circumstances. No matter which type of sale is better suited to your property’s specifics, a home buyer can provide the same level of service. If you are trying to determine which may be the best solution for you, here are some helpful tips for choosing the right option when selling your house in Levittown.

Top Dollar


Understanding the right option when selling your house in Levittown can allow you to realize your home’s best possible sale price. Selling with an agent means that showings will happen in a very professional manner and will be occurring quite often, either in person or online.

Additionally, your listing will be on the MLS, which is worth its weight in gold. The typical time it takes to sell a property in the Philadelphia region is about 45-65 days and that’s if it’s priced right and in good condition.

They should provide you with a comparable market analysis, known as a CMA, during their listing presentation. A professional appraisal will also be ordered, zeroing in on a realistic sales price. The internet has erased the issue of distance in house hunting,  as the latest technology places your home on the top websites available. 

Also, don’t forget most buyers will want to use some kind of financing and this is usually where most deals fall apart or the buyer’s agent tries to get more discount off the property or ask for “sellers assist”.

Direct Buyers

Let’s face it; most buyers make insultingly low offers on houses that are out of date due to their lack of imagination. They cannot see past wear and tear on things such as paint or flooring, outdated wallpaper, and the like. If your home is less than picture-perfect, a direct buyer would be the best option when selling your house in Levittown.

Just checkout our Google reviews, nothing but 5-star ratings all around!

By working with a direct buyer, you can avoid falling down the rabbit hole of investing the time and money into updates and modernizations that may not pay off in the long run. You can also prevent the interruptions and unpleasantries of being always ready for showings with a direct buyer. With fair offers, direct buyers will walk you step by step through the process, and the offer you receive is what you’ll walk away with at closing. 

We can usually close in 30 days or less regardless of situation. We walk you through the entire process from start to finish.



You can be confident an agent will order a professional home inspection. If passing an inspection does not concern you, a real estate agent is likely the right option when selling your house in Levittown.

When you’re selling, disclosure means revealing any information known about the home having issues that would decrease the value. Working with an agent does not mean there is no legal risk regarding disclosures, but it dramatically reduces the odds of facing legal proceedings.

And the average repair or renovation in the Philadelphia region is about $5000-30,000 depending on the job.

Direct Buyers

Much like trading in a used car that has well past its prime days, if your home is in less than market-ready condition, a direct buyer just may be the right option when selling your house in Levittown. You can eliminate costly inspections.

Because of their experience and vast network of professionals in the industry, direct buyers can purchase homes in as-is condition while taking on all of the risks. You can simply walk away without even having to repaint, saving you possibly thousands of dollars and months of delays.



Because there is no promised closing date with traditional listings, if you face external forces, such as impending foreclosure, a direct sale is the right option when selling your house in Levittown.

Perhaps unforeseen employment changes have forced you to move before selling, and you cannot afford to hold your existing home while paying for an entirely new household across the state or the country.

Direct Buyers

A direct buyer is the answer for those looking for a fast closing and straightforward process. It is for those who are dealing with a difficult situation such as repairs or an inheritance, as well as for those struggling with foreclosure. Most transactions can be completed in only a matter of days.

If your home is market-ready and you are not working under any deadlines, working with a real estate agent is the right option when selling your house in Levittown. Experienced agents have expertise in marketing, leading to a quicker closing date. 

It can be quite costly to find out after weeks that the deal has fallen through. Because professional agents take the time to prequalify buyers before working with them, you can be confident you’ll not waste precious time dealing with an unqualified buyer.

As a hybrid real estate brokerage, Philly Home Investor can help you sell your home by working with either with one of our real estate agents or with one of our direct buyers, making Philly Home Investor the right option when selling your house in Levittown.

Call Philly Home Investor with any questions you may have about what would work best for your home. Our outstanding expert buyers and professional real estate agents are ready to help you today. Just send us a message or call us today at (215) 422-3288.

Philly Home Investor has been helping homeowners for the last 6 years make the process of selling real estate easy and simple. Most importantly STRESS-FREE!!!!

If it’s not a win-win situation for everyone we AIN’T INTERESTED PERIOD!

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