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What Is The Truth Behind Selling Your House Directly To A Local Buyer?

3 Myths People Believe About Selling Your House Directly in Philadelphia

Have you been considering selling your house directly to a local buyer? You may be wondering if it’s worth the hassle. After all, what are some of the myths people believe about this type of transaction? There is so much misinformation out there that it can become difficult to know what steps to take next. Let’s talk about some of these misconceptions and provide you with some truths behind selling your home direct!

And let’s remember local home buying companies are just like any other profession out there, your gonna get some of the bad with the good, that’s why it’s your job to make sure whoever you work with is truly creditable. You have lots of options when it comes to selling your home.

If your thinking about selling your home on your own to a local home buying company let us dispel some of the myths for you in this post.

Con Artists

This is probably the biggest myth about home buying companies and couldn’t be more false. As we’ve already stated there are good and bad apples in all professions but there is nothing illegal that is misleading about home buying companies. The truth is there are local companies along with large national companies that buy all over the United States. And there are pros and cons with working with each, usually working with a local company is a much better idea than a big national company that doesn’t know much about your particular area.

One of the things we always suggest when working with any company is to check out if they have good Google reviews or not if any at all. This will usually tell you everything you need to know about a company and how they operate. Then do they have any social media accounts? Are they active? Or was the last post over 1 year ago? Do they have a website? Does it look good? Does it have pictures of people who work there? Reviews? All of these things will tell you whether or not this is a reliable and reputable company that you should be working with.

Unfair Methods & Tactics

Here is another myth of working with a local home buyer Is that they are trying to use unfair methods or pressure tactics to get the house for the cheapest price possible. If someone you are working with is trying to pressure you into anything that should be a red flag right away. The real job of a good home buying company is educating you on your options and provides you multiple options to choose from when selling your home and educating you on the entire process step by step.

That’s why Philly Home Investor has nothing but 5 star Google reviews because we pride ourselves on being open and honest from day 1, remember it has to be a win-win situation for everyone.

Another aspect of traditional home sales to consider is that if you are working with an agent or listing your home independently, there simply is no guarantee of a buyer coming along, let alone a promise of the closing date. It is crucial to consider the dollar value of time lingering on the market while monthly bills continue into your calculations. What this means is not all real estate agents are alike either, there are LOTS of new real estate agents eager to lock you up in a 3+ month contract while they try and sell your property. Usually, what ends up happening is they list the property for way too much and end up reducing it week by week until it sells or the sellers get frustrated with them and fire them or the contract simply runs out.

Hidden Costs

Another massive myth is hidden fees! When working with a local home buyer we don’t charge any fees at all, we buy the property for cash and we’re more than happy to pay ALL closing costs!

Our service is 100% completely FREE of charge!

Now let’s get something straight if there is anything that is owed on the property such as a mortgage, back taxes, liens, etc. That is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner.

Also, in most states, there is a transfer tax that is split by both parties buyer and seller along with stand closing fees that any title company would charge. These two items can be negotiated when working with a local home buying company but there are NO other fees associated with selling a home. Everything should be clearly laid out in the contract before you sign anything. The contracts for a direct sale are incredibly straightforward. You won’t have to worry about paying for inspections or appraisals, and you won’t even have to pay any closing costs when you’re selling your house directly if that’s something that has been negotiated.

If anything selling directly will actually save you money in the long run not to mention less stress about wondering when your property is or isn’t gonna sell. Homebuyers make the process very easy and can usually close on your property in less than 30 days, something NO real estate agent would ever be able to promise you.

Learn the truth for yourself. The professionals at Philly Home Investor have years of experience with the problems home sellers face, which is why the direct buyers at Philly Home Investor stop and take the time to listen to you.

At Philly Home Investor, our goal is to help you develop the best plan for your unique situation to get the best results possible. Call Philly Home Investor at (215) 422-3288 or send us a message today.

“Don’t List Your Home – SELL IT” 🙂

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