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How to Sell Your House Quickly: The Basics of Staging

If you want to sell your house quickly, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that the process goes smoothly. One of these things is staging. Staging refers to making your home look more inviting and better maintained than it actually is so that potential buyers will be more likely to buy it at full price. It’s an important part of the selling process for many reasons – if buyers can’t visualize themselves living in your home, they’re less likely to put in an offer! In this blog post, we’ll discuss what staging is and how you can make sure your house looks its best before listing for sale.

#1 Improve its curb appeal

The first thing you see usually leaves the biggest impression so It’s important the outside of the home looks best. If you want your home to sell quickly, it’s important that the outside of your house looks well maintained and inviting. The best place to start is with a good exterior cleaning – get rid of any debris or leaves in front of the property as soon as possible!

If you have an ugly lawn, plant some new grass seed so that buyers will be more likely to imagine their family there while on a walk around with them. Add some flowers if they add color and make everyone happy when looking at them from inside their homes. Cut down trees and bushes too high for safety reasons (and because they might obscure windows). Make sure all gutters are properly installed and work correctly before putting up signs about selling the house- people won’t buy anything

#2 Declutter

Potential buyers are coming into your home and need to see the space clearly from everywhere. This often means removing any items that might obstruct their view of the house from every angle or corner, which is why decluttering is so important to staging a home for sale quickly! Clutter can make a space seem smaller and cluttered- this doesn’t feel inviting at all for potential buyers who are looking to buy it.

If you have kids in your family, move out as many toys as possible (or store them away) before putting up signs about selling the house. It’s not fair for children to be displaced by strangers just because they’re living with too much stuff! Decluttering your closets also helps with giving people an idea of how large each room is without overcrowding them and making it difficult for everyone involved

#3 Rearrange the space

If you can rearrange the space to look and feel like it has more bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms it will help your home sell quicker. This is a great way to get potential buyers excited about the space because you’re giving them ideas of what they could do with all those extra spaces in which they might not have realized existed!

Whenever possible try to make sure that there are at least two ways into each room- this makes the house seem larger than if there was just one entry point for every single room. You should also consider installing mirrors on hallways or staircases so people can see themselves walking up the steps ahead of time or as they enter an area where something may catch their eye (such as a beautiful sofa) on the other side of it.

“…great job of under promising and over delivering on everything…”

“David and his team were the only people we actually believed and trusted out of all the people who came and looked at our property.  They did a great job of under promising and over delivering on everything they said they would do!” 

– Mary, Upper Darby PA

#4 Clean up good

A clean home just simply looks better to potential buyers and is much more inviting than a cluttered and dirty space.

If you have pets, it’s important to try your best to clean up after them as well! If you don’t want to keep their food out all day, consider putting it in an airtight container so the smell doesn’t stick around for too long. You can also place deodorizers under furniture or on shelves where they might gather some of that unwelcome pet smell.

And if there are any toys laying around, make sure they’re organized by type (toys with batteries should be kept away from those without) and shelved appropriately- this will help visitors know what is intended for children versus everything else which may include things like books or vases which look nice but are

#5 Bring in the light

Take advantage of natural light in your house by opening the curtains and blinds. It will make your house feel more like a home than an empty shell, and it will also help to illuminate those less-than-perfect corners of your living room or bedroom!

If there is not enough natural light coming in from outside, consider adding additional lighting. This could be as simple as turning on some lamps at night during wintertime (or even just for certain rooms), but if you have extra time before listing your property for sale, invest in LED bulbs that can produce bright white light without the need for warm up time.

Lighting: A couple of things to do when trying to prepare your house for sale would include opening all windows and blinds which allows sunshine into each room.

#6 Add natural features

Add natural features and local art is a good way to add personal touches that help to create a warm, inviting home.

It is important to consider what you’re trying to achieve and whether or not any of the following suggestions could make your house more appealing for selling:

– staging furniture in different configurations; – creating focal points with plants, pottery, sculptures and artwork; – arranging flowers in vases throughout the property rather than just grouping them together as one large arrangement near an entranceway (this helps add color); – adding warmth by using rich colors instead of white linens and surfaces; – removing clutter from countertops, tabletops and shelves so they appear clean. Remember that buyers like seeing their own things around too!

– getting rid of strong smells such as cooking odors or must

#7 Use and arrange the furniture nicely

Play around with the arrangement of the furniture and create more conversational spaces by adding a coffee table or pillows to the mix.

Adding more seating is also helpful when staging furniture, whether it’s in the living room with an over-sized sofa and two club chairs or on your patio where you can add outdoor lounge furnishings.

Focal points are necessary for buyers to see what they’re imagining themselves doing inside the space. A few small items scattered throughout will do—a collection of books by one author, some great artwork displayed up high so people have to stop and look, plants mixed among other pieces of decor like an ornamental vase near a window that catches light all day long.

Consider removing clutter from countertops, tabletops and shelves so they appear clean: while this is not always.

In conclusion buyers are looking to find there perfect home and the way to do it is to make your house feel like theirs. Just that simple.

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