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Things You Might Want To Know About Professional Home Buyers

You can choose three options if you want to sell your home. These are 

  • If you list your home with a professional real estate agent.
  • The property can be listed as an FSBO (for sale by the owner) on your own. 
  • A professional buyer can also be contacted if you wish to sell your home.

Real estate agents charge expensive commissions for their services, which is why many sellers choose to sell their homes. The majority of homebuyer traffic goes to these sellers, but they miss out on about 90% of the traffic. The average selling price of comparable listings is 26 percent lower than their house’s resale price. Regardless of which option you choose, you will have invested a lot of time, energy, and emotion into listing your home. You may be disheartened to watch your profits slowly disappear as days on the market accumulate.

There are some houses that are not suitable for listing, and not all homeowners have the time, funds, or willingness to resist the listing process. Some people dislike strangers walking through their homes, whether online or in person, and would instead trade in their homes for convenience, sacrificing a higher profit. Listed homes on the market can have downsides and uncertainty, so professional home buyers provide sellers with an alternative. 

Take a look at these five things you might not have known about professional home buyers in your city as we explore them in more detail.


The fact that professional home buyers in a given city are not primarily concerned with earning commissions may surprise you. In fact, the local professionals home buyers invest a lot of time and effort into helping homeowners make the highest profit possible by using their preferred sales method. It may mean recommending a traditional listing to a real estate agent. Further, we are proud of our work in the cities we cover across the nation, helping our neighbors. As a company, we are concerned about the community. Our goal is to ensure your happiness long after the closing is complete for all of these reasons and more.


You might also be surprised by how transparent every step is of the process when you work with professional home buyers such as Philly Home Investor. You’ll know exactly how much cash you’re walking away with when you leave the closing table. When you work with companies like ours, you won’t have to worry about surprises or hidden fees because all of the data will be available to you. You are encouraged to compare your out-of-pocket expenses and remaining profits when listing on MLS versus selling directly with the company’s professional buyers. It is up to you to decide what is most appropriate for you based on your circumstances.

Assuming Risks

There is another aspect of professional home buyers that might surprise you if your property is in disrepair. The good news is that you no longer need to worry about passing an inspection; you can stop spending money on costly repairs. You may have to jump through hoops to meet your buyers’ and their lender’s requirements under contract contingencies. Professional buyers, such as the ones at our company, purchase homes as-is and ensure that no repairs are needed.

And we mean it, you can literally even leave all the trash inside and we will clean it out!

Quick Process

In addition to the speed at which your transaction can close, professional home buyers like Philly Home Investor could also surprise you with how quickly the deal can be closed. The worry about different things will no longer consume your life for countless days. The following factors can cause you concern, such as your listing lingering on the market, looking for a buyer, and paying for the costs of holding the property while it is on the market. 

You may need to restart the listing process if the appraisal doesn’t come in at the right amount, which will allow you to get loan approval, or if you’re denied a loan. A professional home buyer offers a fast and easy solution for people pressed to sell a property quickly. Homes are often sold within a few weeks or less when sold to a professional home buyer. Our in-house team of industry experts makes it quick and easy to close your transaction, and there are no closing costs.

Cost Savings

Another benefit of working with professional home buyers like Philly Home Investor that might surprise you is the savings you’ll experience. There is a competition between real estate listings and high-quality digital imagery online. In order to make a 360-degree virtual tour, professionals must be hired to take the photos, and a drone pilot may be hired to fly the aircraft. All the costs associated with preparing for showings and marketing the home fall on the seller, who hires a professional stager. An experienced buyer, such as one at the company, offers a hassle-free route to profit since you don’t have to pay expenses out of your pocket.

Benefits of Professional Home Buyers

Fast Sale Process

Listing your house with an agent, creating a listing, or taking photos of it is not necessary. A traditional real estate agent may require the buyer’s bank to approve the loan before the house can be sold. Cash home buyers, on the other hand, have the money needed to buy their homes.

The couple does not require a mortgage, so they do not apply or go through the approval process for a mortgage. Cash home buyers often close deals within a week or two after they decide to buy a house.

Simple Process

Unlike selling a house through a real estate agent, selling a home to a cash buyer is much easier. To sell your house for cash, all you need to do is to contact a reliable and reputable company. It would be their responsibility to get some information about the property and check it out. An offer for cash would be made based on the inspection. You will be able to close the deal once you provide acceptance.

Call to action

There are professional home buyers like Philly Home Investor, making the selling process as simple as possible for buyers. You can learn about the differences without obligation by speaking with a professional buyer at the company. Make a phone call to the company.

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