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What To Do If Your Tenants Asks To Sub-Lease In Philadelphia

Discover why tenants in Philadelphia may seek to sub-lease. Some landlords permit it, while others do not. Visit us for more insights!

Sublets can be successful with landlord approval. Clear contracts are essential for all parties’ understanding of their responsibilities. When a tenant sublets, they create a new agreement while maintaining their lease with you, the landlord. Taking precautions will safeguard your rental property as a solid investment.


Before allowing your tenant to sublease the property in Philadelphia, PA, [market_zip], ensure compliance with all community rules, regulations, and bylaws. Avoid penalties or fines for unauthorized subleasing. Conduct thorough research before proceeding with subleasing the property to another party.

Before subletting a property, tenants in Philadelphia must obtain the landlord’s permission. While most leases prohibit subletting without consent, some cities may have exceptions to this rule. It’s crucial for landlords to familiarize themselves with the subletting regulations in Philadelphia to ensure compliance.

Proper Contracts

When allowing a tenant to sublease the property in Philadelphia, PA, you must ensure that all contracts are completed accurately and in compliance with the law. The sublease agreement should be drafted to absolve you of any liability in case of issues. Safeguarding your interests is paramount in such situations. It is essential to iron out all the details in advance. Determine who the subletter will submit rent payments to and establish a plan for managing utilities. Various aspects need to be documented before welcoming a new occupant.


It is crucial to understand that if the individual subleasing the property fails to make the rent payment, the primary tenant remains liable. The primary tenant is accountable for upholding the terms of the lease agreement. Whether the rent goes unpaid, the property sustains damage, or the subletter vacates without notice, the primary tenant is responsible for rent payment and property repairs as outlined in the original lease.


When your tenant advertises the house for sale independently, it’s crucial to ensure compliance with all fair housing laws to avoid any legal risks. Review their advertisements to confirm they align with legal requirements if you permit them to promote the property.

Tenant Screening

Are you planning to handle the tenant screening process, or would you prefer to be actively involved? It’s crucial to establish specific criteria to prevent your tenant from subletting to undesirable individuals. The ideal tenant should demonstrate responsibility and a consistent ability to meet rent obligations on time. It is advisable to recommend that your tenant collect a security deposit to mitigate any potential financial losses resulting from any issues during the tenancy.

Allowing your tenant to sublet the property can bring numerous benefits. Imagine you have an excellent long-term tenant who needs to relocate for 6 months. Allowing them to sublet the property can prevent vacancy or potential lease disputes. When suitable subletters occupy the space, it creates a win-win situation. The short-term renters secure housing, your tenant retains the option to return later, and you maintain a steady rental income each month.

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